Master, I dreamt about you last night. It was amazing, it felt so real. I woke up, and my cunt was soaking wet. My dream started out that I fly to meet you; you met me at the airport; I was wearing that pink outfit the one that fits so tight, with a short skirt and a slit up the left leg; no panties. You could see the color of my dark large nipples through the top; no bra. I had the clit clip on. It was the one we cyber-shopped for together online, each of us on our own computers, so far apart, but shopping together. It was the one you said you liked. If you looked real close, you could see the ends of the dangling jewels just beneath the hem of my short skirt.

I walked off the plane and saw you standing there. You were so very handsome. You were watching for me. You recognized me immediately as did I you. As soon as I saw you, my cunt got soaking wet.

I walked up to you, my heart, pounding, so loud in my chest, that I swore everyone could hear it. Standing now in front of everyone, you pulled me into your arms, putting your hand in my long, slightly wavy honey-blonde hair; pulling my head back, you kissed me so damned hard my head spun. I staggered a little, I almost lost my balance from your impassioned kiss. Wrapping your arm around my waist to steady me, you smiled down into my face. Then, you took my suitcase from my hand and led me to your car. You opened the door for me and I saw your eyes follow my body as I sunk into the soft comfortable seat. Noticing your eyes on my legs as I swung them into the car; my skirt rose up to the top of my thigh, revealing my wet glistening cunt and the clit clip. Once we were in the car, you placed your hand on my thigh as you pulled away from your parking space. I knew that you wanted me to spread my thighs, so I did.

You could smell the sweet, sensual scent of me. Your hand slid up and felt how wet my cunt was. You shoved two fingers inside and felt how tight my cunt was. A soft moan escaped my lips, my breathing, heavier.

I moaned, “Oh Master.”

You had a glint in your eyes and a grin on your face. You slid your fingers in and out of my cunt, fucking it with your two digits, fucking it so damned good.

“Mmmmmmmmmm, Master”, I moaned softly.

My heart was pounding. You saw how on fire my slut was.

You said, “Slut, you are going to wait for the rest of the ride, we are going to talk for now. No cumming for you, not yet anyway.” You said with a grin. You pulled your fingers out and held them up to my mouth I licked one clean before I could lick the other you pulled it away and sucked your own finger and I heard a soft moan escape your lips as you tasted my slut for the first time.

“You dirty little fucking cum slut,” you continued, “so hot and needy, you can’t even wait to get to the room, but you will wait.”

I moaned softly at hearing your words, you know how your words ignite my center.

We talked about everything. We talked about me, you, your kids, my kids, our work and lives in general, everything and anything. We got to feel comfortable with each other face to face. I smiled softly as I listened to your magnificent voice; oh how I have grown to love your voice through our many phone calls.

We pulled up to the hotel, it was a really nice one, 15 stories at least; with beautiful architecture. You were supposedly on a business trip, as was I, so we would have 3 entire days and 2 entire nights together. You parked the rental car and came around and helped me out of the car. Your eyes again followed my legs as I shifted to get out of the car. My cunt got wet, as I could almost feel your eyes on my legs, touching them caressing. You had prechecked in, my room was confirmed all I had to do was stop at the front desk and get the key, we had connecting rooms so we would be discreet.

We walked through the lobby; you could hear my heals clicking on the marble floor. I felt the eyes of all the men, standing and sitting in the lobby, on my body. You smiled and posessively put your arm around my waist. We stood and waited for the elevator. It seemed to take the elevator forever to get down to the lobby. Once we were in the elevator, you grabbed me, pressing my body hard against yours. Your hand went in my hair pulling my head back; you kissed me hard, causing my head to spin. I was out of breath when we heard the elevator doors open. As we walked down the hall in silence, your arm around my waist still, my eyes not leaving you, I took a deep breath of the fresh intoxicating scent of you. Next thing I know we were outside the door of one of the rooms you were unlocking the door; The door swung open as you pushed on it. You pulled me into the room and pushed the door closed with your foot. Before I even had a chance to take in the elegance of the room, you pushed me up against the wall pinning my arms above my head and kissed me hard as your other hand went under my skirt. Your hand cupped my cunt, causing me to moan softly. Hearing a very quiet moan escape your lips as you felt how soaking wet my cunt was.

“Master,” I whisper.

You say, “What slut?”

I look up into your handsome eyes and say, “I ache to be with you Sir. I want to please you, that is what I live for Master.”

You released my hands and let go of my cunt that you had been cupping. You told me to hold still. You ran your fingers over my nipples through my shirt, watching them get even harder than they had been since you picked me up at the airport. A moan escapes my lips; I stood before you, completely still just feeling your touch, reveling in it. Then you grabbed the hem of my shirt and pulled it up and over my head revealing, my breasts. Nice firm rounded breasts, breasts that ached for your touch. Your hands immediately went to them, massaging them, pinching my nipples lightly till you heard moans depart from my lips. Then, you bent down, taking my nipple into your mouth causing me to moan loudly. My hands moved of their own accord, touching your chest, tracking the contours. I couldn’t resist the urge to touch you. I could hear your heart pounding.

You said, “SLUT, I told you to be still.” you slapped my ass once to get my attention.

“Yes Sir,” I said, returning to holding still the best I could. Placing my hands at my sides, I grip the hem of my skirt to keep them still. You see my hands gripping my skirt hem so tight. You pull my hands from the skirt and slap each of them lightly, telling me that I don’t know how to listen, I lower my head, knowing I have done wrong, your hand goes under my chin and lifts my head back up.

You smile softly into my eyes and say, you will learn my precious little slut.” You unzip my skirt and it drops to the floor. I start to fidget, standing before you completely nude. You put your hand on my wrist and drag me over to the bed, telling me “If you can’t be still on your own, I will make you be still.”

You shove me gently backwards onto the bed, and tie me spread eagle to each of the bed posts with silk scarves; you know how I love silk. With my arms and legs stretched wide, you say, “Now, you have no choice but to stay still.”

I look up into your eyes; you grin down at me, then, slowly remove your clothes, looking at me the entire time, my eyes are fixed on your body. As you free your cock from your pants, I moan and lick my lips.

You say to me “What? You want this slut?”

Holding your cock in your hand, I moan, saying “yes Master, please.”

You climb onto the bed placing, the tip of your cock against my lips; I kiss it, lovingly worshiping your cock.

You pull back some, and I stick out my tongue, trying to reach your cock. I stick out my tongue further and it reaches the tip of your cock, Sticking the tip of my tongue into the tiny slit at the tip of your cock. You moan, sliding your cock into my mouth; I start to suck on your magnificent cock. You slide it all the way into my mouth, forcing me to deep throat you, or gag. I suck you in and out, sucking hard, wishing my hands were free, to wrap around you and feel your prowess. I let my tongue slide along your under shaft, down to the base where I gently suck your balls into my mouth, hearing you moan as I slide my tongue back up to the tip of your raging cock. I impale my mouth on your cock, I then feel your cock throb, and I know you are struggling not to cum. My mouth sucks so hard. My tongue swirling around your bulbous head. You moan loudly, exploding in my mouth and down my throat. I swallow and swallow all of your seed, not wanting to loose a drop of your precious cum. You drive your cock all the way down into my throat with one last strong thrust, and hold it there while the last spasm ends.

I struggle to breathe; you smile down at me, and say, “You are such a good cock sucking slut.” you pull your cock from my mouth; I lick my lips tasting all the last of your seed. I smile softly at your praise.

My eyes are fixed on you, and my heart swells as I follow you around the room with my eyes. You move to your suitcase; straining to see what you are doing, I see you going through the contents. You pull out a case of some kind, I can’t quite see it. You bring it over next to the bed and tell me that you bought some presents for me. It’s a black leather case; I can smell the newness of the leather. You smile down at me and say “I think you are going to love your presents, my nasty little cum slut.”

My heart skips a beat. I lift my head as I am still tied spread eagle to the bed, trying to see the contents of the bag. You say, “No my sweet, sexy slut, you are not allowed to see your presents just yet.”

I sigh and lower my head back to the bed. You remove something from the bag and tell me to close my eyes; I look at you a bit unsure. You smile at me with that handsome reassuring smile, and say, “You can trust me my sweet precious little one I would never hurt you.”

I smile, knowing this is true, and close my eyes. You tell me to lift my head, and I do so. You place a black silk blindfold over my eyes. I hear you say, “Now you won’t be tempted to peak, I know what a naughty little slut you are,” you have a tone of laughter in your voice.

My heart starts to race. You tell me that throughout the afternoon, you will remove items from the bag, and I am to identify them correctly. You will give it to me and use it on me if I guess correctly. If not, I will receive a spanking on my juicy wet cunt. Then I will be given one more chance to identify the item correctly, if I do I will then receive it, if not it is lost forever. I say, “yes Master, I understand.”

Then you lean close to my ear, whispering, “slut, you are not to cum until I give you permission, do you understand, my wanton girl?”

My heart races and I nod, and say, “yes Master, my slut understands.”

You say, “don’t disappoint me slut.”

“No Sir, I won’t, I swear it.”

You place something on my cheek; cold, hard steel. You tell me to identify it. You see me struggling so you move it over my cheek, turning it as you slide it gently up and down my cheek. I know it is metal, I know it is cold. I feel the curve of it.

You say, “Slut, what is this gift to you?”

I think, struggling trying to figure it out and it comes to me, “Oh Master, is it a speculum? Oh it couldn’t be?” I get very excited.

“Why yes slut, it is, and what do you think Master is going to do with this?”

My heart races. “Oh Master, you are going to put it inside my cunt and examine it. Making sure my cunt deserves your attention.”

“Oh yes my little slut, that is exactly what I am going to do.”

I moan so loud. I feel you place the cold steel at my cunt; I get soaking wet, aching to be spec’d. You slide it inside my cunt, opening it up as wide as you can. I moan as I feel myself stretched. You are looking inside, though I can’t see I can hear your pleasure as you describe to me each and every little detail you see in my slutty cunt. After what seems like hours, you remove the speculum. I feel empty and moan softly at the loss. You say “relax slut, there is more to come, and all these gifts that you correctly identify, will be yours.”

Next, I feel something hard and cold on my breasts. I know what you are waiting for as I try to figure the item out. Thinking in my head what could that be, you move it over my nipples. I speak,

“Master, are those nipple clamps?”

You say, “Why yes my slut, but what kind?”

I struggle not knowing for sure, “Master, I am not sure Sir”

You say. “My nasty little slut you have not identified this item correctly, for that you will receive a spanking on your juicy wet cunt.”

I tense waiting for what is to come, you gently rub your hand over my cunt, feeling it dripping wet, I hear before I feel the sound of a wet slap on my cunt, I buck and strain against my restraints. You slap my cunt 3 more times; I moan and arch as my cunt throbs.

You say, “Now slut, identify what kind of clamps these are, you should know what kind of clamps they are.”

I smile, knowing you know what kind I enjoy; I should have remembered, “They are vibrating nipple clamps Master.”

You say, “Very good slut.”

Placing them on my sensitive nipples, you tighten them till you hear me moan; then, you turn them on. You hear a whispery moan escape my lips. My nipples tingling as the vibrations move straight through my center to my cunt.

I hear you move; you are between my spread legs and lightly blow on my cunt. Gasping as your hot breath touches my moist, hot pussy. Your fingers trace the slippery wetness of my smooth slit. I hear you, “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, what a good little slut, all nice and wet for your Master, as you should be.”

Hearing your words ignites me, the vibrating clamps driving me wild. You lean down; I can tell your mouth is but a breath away from my cunt. You stick out your tongue and slide it over my smooth cunt lips; I try to press my cunt into your mouth. Suddenly, your mouth engulfs my cunt. I moan out so loud as you start to lick my cunt, sucking my clit into your mouth.

“oooooooooo Master, please”

You ignore my plea, continuing to suck and lick my cunt. It seemed like hours, though only a few minutes passed. Moaning and bucking against my bonds.

I beg you, “Master, please let my nasty slut cum for you, pleaseeeeeeee”

You say “DO NOT CUM slut”

I whimper, biting my lip, trying hard not to cum. “PLEASEEEEEEEEEE Master”.

You say again, loudly, “NO! DO NOT CUM”

Struggling, I moan so damned loud. My leg muscles tighten.

“Oh god Master, god I’m going to cum!!!”

You say again, this time fiercely “NO YOU ARE NOT slut” and you stop immediately. I hear your words as if from far away.

“My slut needs to learn how to control herself.” You slap my cunt twice; I moan loud.

My cunt is dripping, the juices coating the crack to my ass. I moan softly, “Master, my cunt is soaking wet and aches to cum for you Master”.

You say “as it should be, always wet and ready for your Master”

I turn my head away from your gaze, ashamed for thinking of myself,

“I am sorry Sir.”

You take your finger and turn my face back towards you, telling me that I will learn that I am for your pleasure, your fuck toy, and that whatever pleasure you call upon me for, you allow me to have as gift from you.

“Yes Sir”

You say “Now, we shall resume.”

Next you pull out something that feels like flexible plastic and lay it on my stomach. You say “what is this slut?” I think. Never having felt anything like it, I say “I am not sure Master.”

You say, “concentrate slut, don’t disappoint me again, you dirty, fucking little slut.”

I concentrate on the texture, the bumps, the rubber-like feeling. Not wanting to fail you again “Is it anal beads Sir?”

I hear you chuckle. “Very good slut. You are getting good at this game.”

“But Master,” I say, “We have no lubricant.”

You say “relax slut your virgin ass won’t need any. Your cunt is so fucking wet they will glide in.”

I feel you placing the first smallest bead inside my virgin ass and I moan. Then I feel you sliding each increasing in size bead inside your ass till my ass is filled. I moan so loud as the last of the largest beads slides in. You laugh, “Feels good doesn’t it slut?”

I reply, “oh Yes Master.”

I hear you going through the bag again. You bring something up next to my ear; it is making a humming sound you slide it down over my breasts around my aching nipples, down my stomach and over the mound of my smoothly shaved pussy lips. Moaning softly, I know what this is.

You say, “What is this my lil one, my hot little fuck toy. Hmmmmmmmmm answer me slut.”

“Sir, it is a vibrating dildo, Sir.”

You ask me, “And how long do you think this dildo is slut?”

Unsure, and afraid to give the wrong answer, I pull a number out of my head, just guessing and you can tell I am guessing. I say, “8 inches Sir.”

You say “hah, you guessed right, you lucky little slut you.” I hear the laughter in your voice. You slide it over my throbbing clit, causing me to moan. Suddenly, you shove it deep inside my cunt. You lean down and whisper “whatever you do slut, do not let it fall out. Do you understand slut?”

“Yes Master, I understand.” I start to concentrate on keeping the dildo in my cunt. You lean down, whispering, “remember slut, DO NOT CUM!”

“Yes Master.”

Then, I feel the bed shift as you move around on it. You place your cock at my lips and command me, “Suck My cock slut.”

Immediately, I open my mouth waiting for you to bring your cock home for I still can not see, my eyes blinded by the silk covering; but every other sense has increased 10 fold. I suck you as deep as I can feeling you sliding your cock in and out of my mouth, muffled moans escape my lips and vibrate your cock. My nipples are on fire from the clamps, my ass contracting around the beads, my cunt humming as I struggle to keep the vibrating dildo in my cunt. All my holes are filled; I moan against your cock; you start fucking my mouth hard and deep.

Moaning and groaning as your magnificent cock fills my mouth. I taste your precum and I moan. You pull your cock from my mouth; I moan at the emptiness. You lean down and I hear you whisper in my ear, “Does My little cum slut want to cum, hummmmmmm?”

My heart pounds, “Oh yes Master, I do, I so want to cum for you Master.”

I feel the bed shift once again. You are between my spread-eagle legs, my muscles in my legs and arms are cramping. You rub your hard cock over my soaking wet cunt and clit. I moan out “Oh Master, please.”

You chuckle, “Such a eager little cum slut.”

You pull the dildo out of my cunt and say “What a good little slut you did not let it slip out.”

My juices drip from the dildo, you command me, “Clean it slut.” I start to suck and lick the dildo clean as you hold it before my mouth; pushing it inside my mouth as if it were your cock, I suck and suck it until it is completely clean, you kiss my mouth deeply tasting my juices, I moan against your lips.

Again, you rub your rock hard cock over my cunt; then, as time seemed to stop, you slam your cock into my aching cunt, filling it completely.

I scream out, “Yes Master, oooooooo god.”

You fuck me hard, slamming in and out of my juicy cunt. Driving your cock in so hard and deep, pounding my cunt. I moan as I get closer. You say, “That’s it you fucking little cunt, beg for it”.

“Oh Master, please fuck my fucking nasty slutty cunt harder. I want to cum for you Master.”

You slam into me harder then I knew was possible your huge, hard cock filling me stretching me to the limit.

I scream out “ooooooooooooooo Master, command me to cum at your will. I am yours to control yours to command I am yours Master.” I hear you moan louder and louder as I feel your cock start to throb.

In an animal moan, you command me to cum, “Cum you fucking slut, cum NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I scream out loud and explode, my cunt contracts hard around your cock, milking your gorgeous fuckmeat. We explode together; your magnificent seed filling my hot cunt. We cum so hard it seems to last forever. You reach down and pull out the anal beads, I scream so loud then, you pull off the nipple clamps and I scream out louder than ever. We both shudder with the final spasm as you collapse on top of me. Our breathing ragged; you kiss me deeply and whisper, “You are such a good little slut. I am proud of you.”

A smile comes across my lips, so happy I have pleased you. I feel you releasing the silken bonds one by one. You massage each of my arms, then my legs, easing the ache from the strained muscles.

You then remove the blindfold and whisper, “I have a final gift for you, my wonderful little cum slut.”

Blinking at the fading light. I look up into your eyes. You say one is in this box and one is in my words. You ask me which I prefer. Since your words are more precious to me than any material thing, I say, “your words Master, please.”

You lay next to me now, cradling me in your arms. You say “I am moving you to My town slut, I have already found you a great job, I will take care of you, protect you, keep you safe and you will be my most loved and precious possession, we will be Master and slut. If you want this as a permanent life choice then, open the box.”

I look into your eyes, love shining from mine for I worship and love my Master.

“Oh yes Sir!” I move to open the box, and the most beautiful gold collar is looking back at me. Looking like a gold choker. It is so very beautiful, one I can wear all the time, even to work, and still remain discreet.

You and I would know that I am yours, I smile, and then say, “Oh Yes Master,” throwing my arms around your neck, kissing you deeply.

“I accept Master, I am yours for as long as you want me Sir.”

You smile at me and say, “you will be Mine forever then.”

The alarm goes off;. I reach over and turn it off. Stretching out my body, my muscles sore and aching. Looking at the time. I feel the bed wet beneath me, my cunt is soaking wet. I turn over to see if you are there, then reaching up to feel my neck.

“Was that a dream?” I say to myself in a quiet whisper. “or just the beginning?”


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