All that I am, Mind, Body and Soul belongs to my Master.
 I give myself freely and willingly;
 Not out of fear, but out of love;
 Not out of shame or weakness, but out of pride and strength.

 My mind is his, to expand, to explore, to know as only He can.
 I have no secrets from Him,
 for secrets are a thing that would keep me from being more perfectly his.

 My body is his, and if He says I am beautiful, then I am.
 No matter what I look like to others, I am beautiful in his eyes;
 and because of that I hold my head high,
 for who can tell me that my Master is wrong in seeing the beauty in me?

 My soul is his, as bare to his will as my skin is to his touch.
 I can always feel his presence around me and inside me;
 and although we may be many miles apart,
 I know that He is always with me.

 I face each day with an open mind and love in my heart;
 for although I have faced many challenges,
 I have met them all and survived.
 I am stronger than I realize;
 and with my Masters love I am stronger still.

 I will welcome love and joy into my life,
 and remember to believe in myself,
 as my Master believes in me.

 This is my promise of devotion. This is what I believe.


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