Just Add Water?

In the past few weeks i’ve notice many Dominants who seek a girl who, comes completely trained and ready for them. They seem to be unwilling to work on a relationship, and expect a girl just to “know” what will please Him.

Have they forgotten that guidance and training are essential to the function of the submissive as well as the flow of the relationship as a whole?

D/s is a mutually demanding and mutually pleasing way of life, IF both parties involved “work” toward a common goal.

i have become frustrated by the emptiness of the Dominants that wish to speak with me; so heartless and demanding. A rose needs watering, pruning, nurturing and kindness in order to grow and bloom…why would a submissive not need the same?

i am coming to realize that the internet has become more than just a medium to communicate and meet others; it has become a haven for ignorance and wannabes who do not even understand what being a Dominant is, let alone how to accept a submissive for the beautifully strong person she is.

We are not “just add water” or “chia pets” that just automatically know what we need to do to please You. Remember this…..

A mediocre Master tells, a good Master teaches, an excellent Master explains, but a True Master inspires and a great Master does it all


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