Put the icing on the Cake

i’m often asked about this lifestyle and i’ve given many different answers although the basis is always the same….

So as i have sat here tonight, answering emails and questions, i thought “hey..perhaps if i put it in food terms (since that’s the way to a man’s heart right? lol)  maybe everyone could understand how i see this lifestyle and how i live it….

We are all looking for the “perfect relationship right?  Well….perfect ain’t gonna happen but we an come close….sooooooo if the relationship is the cake…we all like cake, we all enjoy eating cake, we even can eat it without icing…although it’s a little bit dry…. 

So if we add a little icing (kink and sex) doesn’t that just add more flavor?  make it less dry and even tastier?

However, if we don’t have cake…what do we need icing for?

What a thought…huh? 

Sure we can have icing, but then we are left wanting/missing something from our lives… The emotional, spiritual connection that most of us are actually looking.

So i think my point here is…if you want to really live in our world of kink and fun, not just play at it…why not try baking a cake?  Meaning, try getting to know a person.  Actually take the time to ask questions in a vanilla way, build a friendship that could eventually move to more….THEN try finding the right icing for you both.  That way the flavor is just the way you both like it.


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