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i’ve been exposed to or a part of this lifestyle for as long as i can remember.  Each day is a learning experience, and i still have lots to learn.  i am well-versed in M/s, D/s, Gorean and various other aspects of the the BDSM lifestyle.

i was very privileged to have served a Master for 10 years prior to death in 1999.  i was surrounded by wonderful friends and family who have supported me emotionally during those very trying times.  i now have a wonderful Mentor who has taught me so much, i’ll never be able to thank him enough!

i write often on different subjects and thought that building a place to put it all and share with others might be a good idea…so here we go.  i enjoy sharing with others, and hope these pages help you along your journey.  i don’t know everything, probably never will.  The way i’ve learned is not always the “right way” for everyone either…so please read other sites on the subjects as well.

Good luck and safe journeys!!